Join us!

“Small deeds can have huge effects. Together we can achieve more!”

The future is in our hands! Join us to develop and improve the world step by step!

Me? A Rotaractor? Yes!

Are you 18 to 30-year-old person of charitable nature? Have you always wanted to take responsibility for a better and more secure future? Have you always been willing to act on behalf of the poor people, to support a variety of demanding life situations? Have you always wanted to promote security, peace and companionship between people? If you answered YES to all, then you might be the person we are looking for! Please feel free to contact us!

How to get involved?

A good way to discover the club’s actions is to contact the local club in the region. In Joensuu that would be the Rotaract club of Joensuu (Joensuun Rotaractklubi ry). Come and meet us and take part of our activities! This is how you can start a fine career as a Rotaractor! You can enter our contact site by clicking here.